It's Been Way Too Long...

Dear family and friends,

I hope that you are all well. It has been ages since I updated the blog. I don't think this even qualifies as a blog anymore, but I thought it would be nice to put up another post before our summer visit. I'm sorry that I have been so irregular with my posts this year. I found life to be really hectic trying to manage a job, the kids and the house. So, the blog fell to the bottom of my to do list.

What's new with us? I recently finished my first year of teaching! It was a great experience, but it definitely kept me busy. I really enjoyed the work and got some great feedback from my students and the principal. I am hoping to teach some of the same classes again in the future and hopefully this will cut down on my workload. Joel is doing great and has started to learn at The Mir yeshiva in the mornings. It is probably the biggest yeshiva in the world. He learns alongside 1,000 other students - pretty intense. He is really enjoying the chan…

PURIM!! (a little late....)

Hi Everyone,

Hope that you are all well. We are doing well and have been quite busy! Once again I appologize for being so bad about updating the blog. I have been really busy with work, managing the fam and lots of visitors! We had a wonderful visit with Autie Carrie, Uncle Marvin and Marni (my neice)! The boys loved hanging out at the hotel and really appreciated all the wonderful goodies that they brought us from TO. We also just said goodbye to Antie Marisa, Uncle Alan and their adorable gingy daughter Eleni last night. The boys really had a great time getting to know their little cousin and they can't wait to play with her again this summer!

I am really enjoying my teaching job, but it has been keeping me quite busy. At times I feel a bit overwhelmed with trying to manage the kids and getting all my lesson planning done. I am looking forward to 2 weeks off for Pesach! I definitely need a bit of a break. Joel also has a month off so hopefully we will get out there an…


Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all well. We are all doing well, except for the never-ending colds the kids have been picking up from gan. We have had lots of visitors this month! It has been lots of fun and really nice for us to reconnect with some of our family.

The month started out with a visit from Auntie Alison who was visiting us from Ghana, Africa. We had a great time with her and the room that she slept in while she was here has been deemed "Auntie Alison's Room". Alison - you are going to have to come back soon if you want to hold on to the title. Next Zaidy Mory flew in for almost two weeks from Toronto. The kids had so much fun with their Zaidy. The highlight was our day at the Dead Sea and visit to Eretz Breishit (Genisis Land), where we took part in a biblical scene and visited the tent of Avraham Avinu. See the photos below. To end the month, we have Bubbie Nellie, who just arrived before shabbos and will be here for about 2 weeks!

I have been off f…